Three Things That Would Make LinkedIn an Even Better Research Translation Tool

Three Things That Would Make LinkedIn an Even Better Research Translation Tool

I’ve recently been using LinkedIn a lot more* and it is fair to say I've learned a lot (downloading connections was something I have been looking for, and reminders associated with a connection are great too).

CONNECT (a book*) also gave me some great insights about writing content for LinkedIn. But more importantly it gave me some structure for writing my summary and about my roles – you should get the book and get your profile pimped (or pimp it yourself).

Anyway, what it also highlighted to me were some shortcomings that I felt were present in LinkedIn but always thought they were things I was missing. So, here are three things that I think LinkedIn should have – that would make it great, not just good:

  1. The ability to search for keywords within people’s posts – their long-form and short form posts, their responses to discussions, the whole deal. Currently, the best you can do is a search for terms that are within people’s profiles. That’s great, but what people are posting about and responding to will give a much better insight to their thoughts and interests – and therefore reasons to connect. I know once I find a person’s profile I can look at their posts – but that requires their profile to have the keyword I am after.
  2. Customised invitations to connect on all platforms – currently this is limited to the web-version. So, I either need to head to the website on my mobile/tablet or move to the desktop when inviting connections. This is totally inconvenient. I want to send personal invitations. I appreciate the canned text LinkedIn, but I want to make it about me and my future connection.
  3. Limited network insights – so the download your connections is great. Now I can sort by role or organisation and then group based on those features. But that is the start and end. No other user data and no way I can filter within LinkedIn and then group tag based on profile-keywords, past roles – nothing. What do you like and dislike about LinkedIn? What would make it better for you/your industry/sector?

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*I had my LinkedIn profile pimped by the great Jane Anderson and Kylie Chown (more on the impact of that in a future post). As part of it all, I have also read their book – CONNECT: LinkedIn for Lead Generation in Less than 7 minutes a Day

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