What Could Make a PhD Program Fail – Part 5

What Could Make a PhD Program Fail – Part 5

The is the final blog in the series on What could make a PhD program fail. This blog covers insufficient data about the program and its operations.

Limited Data

In my experience, a lot of PhD programs take a set-and-forget approach. They fail to review student, supervisor or research progress in the context of their enhance PhD program. Yes, student progress is monitored within their PhD, but not in the context of the augmented program. Progress is not assessed against the additional learning. Indeed, the lack of data on PhD programs and impacts on student outcomes was conspicuous by its absence from the published literature.

PhD program failure point 5

– not collecting sufficient

program data

I am not suggesting formal student assessment – that’s the role of the PhD program. And continue professional development is not usually formally assessed in workplaces. However, I am suggesting that all parts of the program be reviewed; as well as the self-reported impact and usefulness of the training. Those PhD programs that are sustained over the longer term take the time to review the impact of their work, make tweaks that respond to the findings and changes to the CRC itself.

Good luck building and implementing your program!

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